• 3D Modeling/BIM:

    WES Consultants LLC is widely known for our advanced modeling abilities and expertise using Tekla, Revit, and SDS-2. We offer Building Information Modeling (BIM) that enables the creation and management of detailed, highly constructible 3D structural models regardless of material or structural complexity. We are experts in modeling services for new construction, as well as buildings with existing conditions. Our firm is also experienced in assisting Construction Managers in modeling 2D structural plans for estimating and coordination purposes. Further, we provide Clash Detection services using Navisworks for time and cost effectiveness.
  • Concrete Reinforcement Detailing:

    WES Consultants LLC is experienced in providing concrete re-bar shop drawings. Due to the fact that we employ Engineers, drawings are typically done in an easy to understand/read manner and mistakes are eliminates. Our prices and schedules are very competitive.
  • Construction Management:

    Our staff is trained in the overall development, coordination, and organization of a project from beginning to end (initial conceptualization to construction). We are experienced in integrating multiple professional requirements for bringing construction projects to a successful completion, including estimating, cost control, risk management, new technologies, and project planning. Our personnel works closely with Contractors and Consultants to specify project objectives and to maximize resource efficiency, meanwhile maintaining effective communication for resolving conflicts.
  • Precast Plank Detailing and Engineering:

    Our firm provides precast plank detailing and calculation services for numerous projects. We are hired to prepare layouts for floor planks, erection plans (including sections and details), as well as the preparation of shop cards. We are skilled in the production of signed and sealed calculations for plank detailing for construction.
  • Steel Detailing and Engineering:

    WES Consultants LLC are experts in creating structural steel shop drawings for various commercial, residential, and public building structures using advanced technology software (SDS-2, Tekla, Revit). Our firm works closely with Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, and Steel Fabricators in the preparation of detailed drawings for the manufacture and erection of steel members (columns, beams, braces, trusses, stairs, joists, metal decking, etc.). Our detailers prepare structural steel shop drawings, including erection plans and member piece details, specifying the exact detailing requirements needed for fabrication. Completed shop drawings are used during the construction phase of a building and they guide the fabrication and erection of each individual steel member (or piece).
    Additionally, WES Consultants LLC employs many Structural Engineers that are skilled in connection engineering. Our Engineers know how to design and deliver signed and sealed calculations for connections based on the structural drawings and information provided by the EOR.